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Liege Airport

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Since its creation 20 years ago, LIEGE AIRPORT has focused primarily on FULL CARGO, but has now decided to take the next step and set itself the goal of becoming The Flexport ®. The title represents services tailored to the needs of cargo operators and a real alternative to congested, restrictive and prohibitively high cost large airports



Open, accessible and fully operational 24/7, LIEGE AIRPORT stands out from competing main international airports thanks to:

  • No congestion.
  • No imposed time slots.
  • No curfews.
  • No time losses in ground operations.

The airport’s infrastructure and organisation are designed to avoid any loss of time in the supply chain.

  • Customs, veterinary and phytosanitary controls operate night and day, ensuring rapid goods flow.
  • Direct access to aircraft parking positions in immediate proximity to the first line significantly reduces transfer times.
  • A large number of actors operating at the airport guarantee a perfectly tailored and optimised treatment whatever the operator’s requirements.

Via an ongoing dialogue with all site actors, LIEGE AIRPORT offers constant improvements to ensure efficiency, flexibility and simplified operational procedures: all departments are committed to respecting a quality charter and negotiated service levels at all points of control.



The best location for accessing the European market

LIEGE AIRPORT occupies a central position at the heart of the golden triangle linking Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. Nearly 66% of European freight transits within this area. Thanks to an excellent, uncongested motorway network it is possible to reach the largest European cities in less than one day by truck, and therefore reach a potential of almost 400 million consumers.

Taking advantage of this excellent location, the whole region has developed a specific expertise in logistics:

  • Liege Logistics is a multimodal platform situated in the immediate surroundings of LIEGE AIRPORT, dedicated to rail-road transport, as well as distribution and logistics.
  • The EURO CAREX project, developed in partnership with the airports of Paris, London, Amsterdam and Lyon, is opening new perspectives in the field of freight transport by high-speed train.
  • Liege is also the third largest inland port in Europe and situated in the direct hinterland of the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Space available for your development

LIEGE AIRPORT offers numerous location opportunities for cargo operators, forwarders or logistics centres.
LIEGE AIRPORT offers not only more than 60ha of plots with access to runways, but also over 300ha of plots dedicated to logistics in the immediate vicinity of the airport.



Total quality 

LIEGE AIRPORT provides personalised, high quality services through a professional organisation and highly qualified employees. LIEGE AIPORT is committed to producing and delivering full added value to its customers.
By choosing LIEGE AIRPORT, you will benefit from the expertise of its teams and their dynamic skills in CARGO operations management.
As a platform specialised in general cargo express parcels and perishable products, LIEGE AIRPORT is also a leader in Biologistics: transport of medicines, transfer of organs or any biological item (stem cells) etc.

Maximum optimisation of costs

The model developed by LIEGE AIRPORT, based on flexibility, speed and simplicity enables it to offer optimum financial market conditions and generate major savings for its customers.

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