Governance Charter

Governance Charter – Liege Airport

The Governance Charter was approved by the Board of Directors in October 2022:

Its objectives are as follows:
  • to bring together the provisions relating to the operation of the company and the powers of each of its bodies, without prejudice to the applicable legal, regulatory and statutory provisions
  • to be a guide for any person who is required to intervene at any level of the company in relation to the determination of the competent body for any decision making

The Governance Charter is available (in French) here

There is also an Ethics & Compliance Code of Conduct, which includes the following themes:

  • A reminder to respect the laws, regulations and imperative provisions in force in the company
  • Behavior to adopt in relations/contacts with suppliers, which constitutes the Group’s Purchasing Charter, which is structured around:
    • Principles to be respected in the act of purchasing
    • Rules of good conduct
    • The integration of sustainable development in the act of purchasing
    • Conflict of interest situations
  • Expenses incurred by employees on behalf of Liege Airport for restaurant, travel and accommodation expenses
  • The attitude to be adopted by employees with regard to business gifts and invitations to an event (both for gifts and invitations received and for gifts offered and invitations issued to events organized by the company)
  • Payment of traffic fines and tickets
  • Protection of information and personal data