Mobility strategy

“The aim is to develop a coherent mobility area and act as an accelerator for the modal transportation of people and goods” Laurent Jossart, CEO

Liege Airport, the 1st national cargo airport, is the only full cargo airport in Europe. It specialises in express transport, perishable goods, pharmaceutical products, e-commerce, medical and humanitarian supply and live animals.

The development of Liege Airport and its activities is based on several key assets:

  • a strategic location at the heart of the “golden triangle” linking Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt;
  • quadrimodal connections: air, rail, road and sea/river;
  • 24/7 opening.

The airport is now in the process of transforming its DNA: from a transit cargo airport to a provider of multimodal, sustainable logistics solutions.

This transformation is based on several key missions:

  • playing an active role in implementing and promoting multimodal solutions.
  • developping the Economic Activity Zone by attracting the best investors and structuring the 2nd and 3rd lines to create more jobs per tonne.
  • implementing strong environmental measures.
  • creating and leading a unifying cargo community.
  • facilitating commercial development, pooling and offering digital tools in a cloud environment to handlers and logisticiansiciens.
  • improving operational performance (handling, transit times, security, mobility).
  • extending our range of specialities (pharmaceuticals, etc.).
  • increasing the range of services available all around the airport: public transport, catering, Liege Airport Academy.

Discover our brochure ” Mobility Strategy 2030!