Air Cargo Excellence Forum 2017



We are pleased to invite you to attend to the Air Cargo Excellence Forum 2017 that will take place at Liege Airport on December 4th 2017.

This forum and networking event will be focused on sharing best practices and defining common objectives to achieve excellence in air cargo and will be concluded by the celebration of 20 years of collaboration between the airport and CAL Cargo Airlines – LACHS.

A series of talks will be presented with the participation of world-leading specialists and will be a great opportunity to gather high level testimonials, researches and visions of the key aspects of excellence in air cargo.

  • The OPENING KEYNOTE will be presented by Offer Gilboa (CEO CAL Cargo Airlines) : Partnerships connecting under one roof : “Real” Virtual Global networks
  • The first session will be dedicated to the analysis of market expectations and needs, from shippers to consumers: The hi-standards pharma quality processes: “role model” for air cargo? Transporting more than goods: Live animals the air cargo “passengers”? Managing perishables and sensitive products: How to stay “cool”? The e-commerce challenges: “Disruption” leaded by consumers expectations?
  • The second session will host talks about the keys and issues to reach excellence in air cargo: Rising service levels through innovation: “Promising” technological breakthroughs? Operational research: More than “Fundamental” for air cargo? Qualification and manpower: A “Human Capital” challenge? Innovation : Refine or “re-think for the future””?
  • The concluding session will focus on the air cargo community, networking and partnerships: “The future of Air Cargo: “Creating opportunities” beyond addressing threats? “Empowering”” the Air Cargo Community : Data Sharing for a better business collaboration? The Air Cargo major actor of world economic development: A “Community” Social Responsibility ?

You will also have the opportunity to visit of CAL Cargo Airlines and LACHS’ infrastructure and the day will be concluded by a walking dinner.

Registration for the event is open till November 30th.

You can already register by following this link: (Required)

More info and latest information on the event:

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