The most flexible on the market, at the heart of Europe

Flexport is…

  • Sending over 93,000 tonnes of freight/month throughout Europe
  • Infrastructure and staff specialised in biologistics CEIV Pharma certified

Services 100% adapted to the needs of the European cargo market

Motorway transport is now the solution preferred by major logistics players and those specialised in the transport of goods in Europe in view of the prohibitive tariffs and the saturation of large international airports.

Liege Airport is situated at the heart of the Amsterdam-Paris-Frankfurt golden triangle, a very dense area of production that is unique in Europe. No other region has such a large number of industries using air transport: 73 % of European freight transits through it. The Flexport® is less than one day by truck from the largest European cities, thus reaching around 400 million consumers. It offers the advantage of an excellent, uncongested motorway network.

  • 73 %
    of the European freight in the golden triangle
  • 400 millions
    consumers served by The Flexport®
  • 2 minutes
    is the time it takes between The Flexport® and the motorway
24 hours a day

Full service

The Flexport® makes every effort to make life easier for its partners and to help them optimise their flows and handling.

Direct airside access and aircraft parking spaces right next to the cargo halls reduce transfer time to the minimum. The customs services and veterinary or phytosanitary controls are available 24 hours a day for rapid and constant management of the goods. Furthermore, the numerous ground handlers provide an efficient service, fully adapted to the requirements of the operator.

The Flexport® - an overview

  • 7 days a week
    Open and operational 24 hours a day (customs, staff and assistance). Super-competitive costs.
  • 60 flights per night
    No time windows imposed. Reduced rotation times.
  • 3,000t of freight per day
  • 3,500 horses
    as well as 1,500 cows a year.
  • 1 hour
    The time between the aircraft landing and the first trucks leaving.
  • 9,100 generated jobs
    direct and indirect jobs.

The Flexport® - Destinations

The main runway at Liege Airport is 3,690 m long, allowing all kinds of aircraft to take off fully laden. It connects a large number of airports in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

1500 destinations

served by The Flexport®

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Establish your business at The Flexport®

A range of opportunities for establishing your business

Liege Airport offers a range of opportunities for establishing your business, whether you are a cargo operator, a freight forwarder or a logistics service provider. The Flexport® has around 80,000 sq. m. of warehouses with immediate runway access. We also have over 300 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

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A response to a specific need

The Flexport® also offers services adapted to your needs, against the constant background of our values: stable procedures, flexible service and rapid operations.

Our types of freight

Logistics: a form of expertise that is typical of Liege

The Flexport® is the result of over 20 years of market analysis and constant development in “full cargo” activity. The Flexport® is situated just a few hundred yards from Liege Logistics, a multi-modal platform dedicated to rail-road transport, distribution and logistics. Liege is the 2nd interior port in Europe.

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