Transport of medicines and pharmaceutical products

An overview
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    warehouses, airport services and customs

  • 3 minutes

    from the motorway, at the heart of the golden triangle between Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt

  • Infrastructure

    dedicated to the transport of medical and pharmaceutical products

Operating from Liege Airport, The Flexport® dispatches medicines, pharmaceutical products, organs and stem cells by road and by air. It is at the cutting edge of the demands of the pharmaceutical industry and offers unprecedented opportunities for development, at the heart of Europe. Its services are certified by IATA.

A cargo service dedicated 100% to biotechnologies

Are you active in biologistics? You need to collaborate with intermediaries who are perfectly adapted to your sector because your products are extremely fragile and unstable. You need logistics solutions that will cut costs while also respecting the very strict legal provisions and major environmental constraints.

The Flexport®, the cargo service of Liege Airport, provides a logistics infrastructure and handling procedures that are 100% dedicated to the medical and pharmaceutical industries and to biotechnologies.

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Infrastructures and technical specifications

  • 16,000 sq. m. dedicated to storing and dispatching medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Monitoring system for storage areas and goods (temperature, humidity, light, pressure, tilting etc.)
  • Staff holding IATA pharma diplomas for handling fragile and/or unstable goods
  • Direct airside access
  • Goods control area

The Flexport® collaborates with 4 partners and operators who are in charge of all the logistics on the

  • Swissport Cargo Services LGG
  • Aviapartner Cargo Liege
  • Challenge Handling
  • BAS
  • WFS

Further information on our operators

The CEIV certificate
The partners and operators of The Flexport® – Swissport International Ltd., Challenge Handling and
Aviapartner – have been awarded the IATA title “Center of Excellence for Independent Validators”
(CEIV). This certification attests to their expertise in biologistics at Liege Airport.

2 minutes to understand! The key stages of pharmaceutical transport – real expertise

The pharmaceutical industry requires a cutting-edge infrastructure to ensure perfect handling of these highly sensitive products. Over the years, Liege Airport has attracted all the players needed to ensure optimal handling, to guarantee the integrity and the quality of these very particular goods.

Follow us through the key phases of this journey and you will observe our experience in this field. Since every stage counts, we leave nothing to chance.

Aircraft park on the “floating line”, less than 30 metres from the warehouses. This is to avoid the
goods being exposed to tilting or to changes in temperature.

The SACO automatic roller system for ULD enables the total load of a Boeing 747 to be transferred
from the tarmac to the warehouse and to the trucks in under 4 hours.

The experience of Pascale de Mieter Chief Executive Officer, COASTAIR Chartering

A fast customs service and door-to-door collection and delivery services are offered throughout Europe. Trucks equipped with high-insulation refrigerated trailers (FRC certified), dual temperature trailers and GPS communication between the driver and the shipment (for updated position and temperature data) are also available..

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