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This website, (hereinafter “the website”), is that of LIEGE AIRPORT S.A., operator and commercial developer of the airport of Liege. Its head office is at 4460 Grâce-Hollogne, Aéroport de Liège, Bâtiment 50 (B50), Belgium. Its company number is 0440.516.788.
The company can be reached by letter at the above address, by telephone at +32 4 234 84 11 or by e-mail at the address

Copyright EPIC

This website is held and managed by the private limited liability company (SPRL) EPIC WEB AGENCY (hereinafter ‘EPIC’), having its head office at 4000 Liège, Rue Paradis 62, Belgium, registration number 0812.258.994.
All rights of EPIC are reserved. This publication is protected by copyright. All texts, layouts, drawings, photographs, films, graphics and other elements of this website are protected by copyright. None of these items may be copied, adapted, translated, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical (photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of EPIC.

General conditions

By using this website, the user thereby accepts expressly and automatically all the conditions set forth hereinafter. Otherwise, LIEGE AIRPORT requests him/her to stop using it.

Intellectual property

Unless stated otherwise, the entire content of the website (texts, trade names, videos, photographs, images, logos and other items) is the property of LIEGE AIRPORT S.A. In accordance with copyright and intellectual property laws, any unauthorised reproduction, in whole or in part, of the content of this website is prohibited and will be punished. The same shall apply to any renting, distribution, loan or other procedure. However, it is permissible to share the contents of the website via hypertext links leading to this website while indicating the exact destination of the same. In no event shall this use be remunerated in any way whatsoever.

Any other fraudulent use of the website (piracy, counterfeiting etc.) may also be punished according to the laws in force.

Responsibility for the accuracy of the information disseminated

Any information provided via this website is for informational purposes only and is of a general nature. LIEGE AIRPORT does not promise any accuracy of the information displayed and declines any responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of these data or of the website in general.
The same shall apply to prices for the various services offered by LIEGE AIRPORT S.A. as well as ticket prices. These are only indicative. Only an actual contract with LIEGE AIRPORT S.A. will give rise to a fixed price.

LIEGE AIRPORT makes every effort to ensure that the information published is as complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date as possible. LIEGE AIRPORT cannot be held liable for any errors or imperfections or for any damages resulting from use of this information. For example, flight schedules are adapted daily on the basis of data provided by LATITUDE. These flight schedules are offered only for the ease of the user and can be modified at any time. Neither LATITUDE nor its providers nor LIEGE AIRPORT can thus be held responsible for any errors or imperfections in flight schedules or for any damage resulting from the use of these flight schedules.

If, however, it appears that published information contains errors or that information expected by the user on our website is lacking, LIEGE AIRPORT hereby undertakes to regularise this situation as soon as possible after being notified of these imperfections. LIEGE AIRPORT invites the user to communicate all possible remarks by e-mail to

LIEGE AIRPORT also reserves the right to modify any content without notice.

Management and use of personal data

LIEGE AIRPORT S.A. reserves the right to collect any personal information that can be identified through use of the website. This information may include, for example but not exclusively, the surname, first name, location, IP address, number of pages visited by or contacts of the user.

The purpose of collecting this information may be to improve ease of navigation on our website, to improve the commercial offer or to promote content that is better targeted to the user’s personal needs. LIEGE AIRPORT also reserves the right to use this data in statistical procedures and therefore to measure or quantify any aspect of its clientele.

However, this information is kept as confidential data in a secure environment that is inaccessible to the public and will not be shared or sold in any way, except as part of their collection or analysis via third-party applications (Google Analytics or others) or in pursuance of legal obligations or explicit requests from the judicial authorities or the police.
If users have any further questions about this use of their data, they may contact

In accordance with the law on the protection of privacy, users have the following rights:
• the right of information as to the purpose of this collection of data, as indicated above.
• the right to access and verify their data.
• the right to oppose: users have the right at any time to oppose the use of their data by LIEGE AIRPORT.
• the right to modify: users may at any time inform LIEGE AIRPORT of corrections to be made to data concerning them.
For any exercise of these rights, users must take care to send to LIEGE AIRPORT by mail their written, dated and signed request, as well as proof of their identity.

Use of cookies

LIEGE AIRPORT hereby reserves the option of using cookies in order to collect certain information on the use of the website or to store certain data temporarily. These consist of a short string stored by the browser. If users refuse the use of this technology, it is possible to disable the cookies via the menu of their browser.

External hyperlinks

In order to facilitate visitors’ browsing and for the sake of information, several hypertext links may be integrated into the content of the website of Liege Airport, leading to external sources by clicking on them. These links may belong to third-party natural or legal persons. However, LIEGE AIRPORT has no direct control over the contents of these pages. This referral does not in any way signify agreement or adherence to what may be written therein.
No liability can therefore be attributed to LIEGE AIRPORT concerning this content.

Offers and advertisements from third parties

Offers of products or services and advertisements from third parties are published on this website in the form of banners. Users who click on one of these banners are sent to a third party’s website. LIEGE AIRPORT assumes no responsibility for the content of such advertisements and the conditions applicable to third party offers which are, in fact, presented on behalf of these third parties. If users wish to subscribe to such offers or to enter into any contract with such third parties in any way, or if they have a complaint to make about such offers or advertisements, they must always contact the third parties in question.

Interruptions – Compatibility

LIEGE AIRPORT makes every effort to ensure that no interruption affects the availability of this website, but declines all responsibility for any damage that may result from such interruptions.
LIEGE AIRPORT offers no guarantees as regards the compatibility of the files on its website with users’ infrastructures. Users must themselves ensure they have available the appropriate computer equipment and software, including security software (e.g., firewall and antivirus programmes).

Unauthorised use of the website

In particular, users of this website must undertake:

  1. not to use the information published on this website in an illicit or illegal manner;
  2. not to use this website in such a way that the website is damaged, altered, interrupted or rendered less efficient in whatever way;
  3. not to use this website to transmit or send IT viruses, or to transmit or send illegal or illicit material, or unsuitable material in whatever way, and in particular, but not only, material of an outrageous, obscene or threatening nature;
  4. not to use this website in such a way as to infringe the rights of a natural person, a legal person or an association, including, but not only, privacy and intellectual property rights;
  5. not to use this website to send and transmit material for promotional or advertising

LIEGE AIRPORT hereby reserves the right to give notice to any user and / or to become a civil party if its interests or those of third parties are infringed by the violation of the provisions set forth above or in any other way.

Applicable legislation and competent courts

This website is governed by Belgian law. In case of dispute concerning these legal notices or the rest of the content, only the courts of Liège (Belgium) shall be competent.

Modification of the legal notices

Liege Airport S.A. hereby reserves the right to modify these legal notices at any time and without giving notice. Such modifications will be immediately communicated via this page.
Latest update: 7 March 2017

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