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Following the indexation on Jan 1st (+1.35%), the aeronautical rates will now be as follows in 2024:


The landing fee at LIEGE AIRPORT for 2024 is set at €5.21/MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight) with a minimum of €31.26 for aircraft under 6 tonnes.


The take-off charge at LIEGE AIRPORT for 2024 is set at €5.21/MTOW with a minimum of €31.26 for aircraft under 6 tonnes.

These 2 charges will be impacted by multiplying coefficients:
-Day/night coefficient: Night flights will be increased by 20%. Daytime flights will be incentivised by 5%.
-Noise coefficient: Each aircraft is categorised (A: -10%; B: 0% or C: +10%) according to its Quota Count.

The criteria for day and night are as follows:
Day: from 07H00 LT to 22H59 LT (07h00m00s LT to 22h59m59s LT)
Night: from 23:00 to 06:59 LT (23:00m00s LT to 06:59m59s LT)

The criteria for the different classes are as follows:
Class A: aircraft whose Take-off Quota Count AND Landing Quota Count are less than 4;
Class B: aircraft not belonging to class A and whose Take-off Quota Count is less than 12 AND whose Landing Quota Count is less than 8
Class C: non-class A and non-class B aircraft with a Take-off Quota Count of 12 or more OR a Landing Quota Count of 8 or more.

For more information on the method of calculating the QC, please see ACNAW – Quota count


The fee for the use of passenger facilities amounts to €9.29 + €1.20 (PRM fee) per boarding passenger.

The tax for ‘disembarked transit passengers’ amounts to €6.06 per passenger.


The fee for 2024 is set at €5.36 per MTOW per day (with a minimum fee of €32.16 for aircraft under 6 tonnes).
The parking fee is applicable immediately upon landing of the aircraft (landing time/ATA).

A surcharge of 100% of the basic fee will be applied for aircraft whose on-block time exceeds 72 hours (for the period exceeding 72 hours).


When calculating fees, any part of a tonne is considered as a full tonne and each day begun is counted as a whole day. All the fees listed are before VAT and may be modified without prior notice. If due fees are not paid, the airport authorities may ground the aircraft.

Reductions may be granted for flying schools or training flights. Please contact our services if you need further information.

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