The Liege Airport cargo community

With the development of Liege Airport, a real community has emerged. Bringing together all the links of the airport chain – airlines, handlers, freight forwarders, road transporters etc. – this community of companies offers the best solutions to transport professionals as well as to all economic players in the region.

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Rom Cargo


ROM Cargo is extending its 747F fleet which will be available for full charter services and capable of carrying payloads of up to 112 tonnes to meet immediate demand for Asia-Europe cargo capacity

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Logistics Service Providers

YunExpress is first of all a global revolutionizing e-commerce logistics forwarding services provider through seamless solutions for cross-border e-sellers.
We are playing the game in terms of cost efficiency, timeliness, our robust transportation network and our teams of industry experts serving markets around the world. Our commitment to seamless, end-to-end customer experiences is unmatched.
We focus on delivering superior customer experiences by addressing specific needs. We have dedicated implementation teams that support customers at every stage of their logistics journey at every point of their logistics chain. We also partner with the best local carriers to guarantee smooth last-mile delivery. We show up for customers with 10 years sector experience under our belt.
We strive for operational excellence in every aspect of our service, including G2G (Global to Global) products, return handling, sorting and road transport. YunExpress Europe provides services in over 30 European countries, with established branches in 21 of them. We operate our own logistics HUBs, Customs clearance Brokers, transport routes and sorting centers to seamlessly connect Europe with the rest of the world.
We add value to your global business by providing a variety of Tailor-made logistics solutions. We offer our services with competitive price, according to your needs and budget. We offer our services with competitive price that make our superior solutions stand out against other players in Europe. With no surprise fees or fuel surcharges at any stage of the process.
Our in-house developers continually refine our cutting-edge IT systems. We implement advanced, real-time GPS tracking systems and embrace new technologies, such as RFID and Blockchain. And our Smart Sorting Hub sorts from ULD to pallet to parcel, and every level in between. We are leading the charge in the digital transformation of the global transportation network.
We are committed to green logistics. Our systems are future-proof, and social responsibility is a key factor in the decision-making that drives our solutions. Our warehouses meet the standard of sustainability level of ‘Excellent’.

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Rue du Trilogiport 4
4681 Oupeye Belgium

Rose Yiqian QIU

Deputy General Manager


Logistics Service Providers

EFM Global Logistics with its headquarters at London has offices in the USA, UAE, Australia and now
fully established in the EU with EFM Global Logistics Benelux BV.
Specialized in moving goods for the entertainment industry, sports events and aviation industry we
will be supporting our partner offices around the world and develop the European side for this
niche market.
Small example, we have moved 7x B747 full freighters from Lgg to Jfk transporting the complete
stages and equipment for the Rock band Rammstein for their American tour.
Another example is the move from Maastricht to Montevideo with the equipment and stage of André Rieu
for its South American tour.
The day-to-day activities of moving general cargo by air will continue as usual.

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building 84, office L212

Rue de l’Aeroport, building 84, office L212
4460 Grace Hollogne

Bob Swildens

Director of Special Projects EFM

4PX Express

Logistics Service Providers

Founded in 2004, 4PX thrives to be a global leading provider of cross border e-commerce supply chain services. Driven by big data and their embedded strong IT capability, 4PX is able to provide integrated supply chain services based on a comprehensive global network of distributional warehouses and terminal delivery system. Through their innovative logistic and supply chain management system, 4PX aims to elevate cross border e-commerce platform trading and enhance the online shopping experience of customers from everywhere.

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Rue Jean de Sélys Longchamps 39/1
4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Olivier Collard

Operations Manager

ACL Airshop


ACL Airshop is a technology enabled global leader in air cargo ULD logistics solutions. We operate in five pillars of highly complementary business segments: ULD Leasing, ULD Sales, ULD Repair, ULD Control, and Cargo Products Manufacturing. Recent innovations in ULD Tracking solutions include our recently launched FindMyULD™ app and implementation of Bluetooth logistics technology for our valued air carriers and cargo customers. ACL Airshop is a leading provider of ULD, cargo control and air freight products and services for the aviation industry, operating on six continents at a majority of the world’s Top 100 air cargo hub airports.

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Building 7

Rue de l’Aeropostale 15A
4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Gino Cervellino

Station Manager

ACT Airlines


ACMI – ACT Airlines specializes in providing dedicated Aircrafts that are Crewed, Maintained, Insured under an ACMI(Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) or under a Wet-Lease Agreement for extra capacity to our customers which are Major Carriers of the global airfreight industry.

As an experienced ACMI Operator, ACT provides services with its professional staff in airfreight business as per the wishes of the customers and we offer value added services focusing on customer solutions. ACT is a reliable partner focused on fast, flexible, cost-effective and safe operations with 7/24 online support for customers.

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Logistics Service Providers

Adelantex has en extended international consolidator experience and operates by air, sea and/or road transport. It is specialized in perishable goods sensitive to temperature changes as well as in products requiring special caution. The company is backed up by an experimented and implicated staff that makes sure your products receive the special attention they require.


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Building 16

Rue Saint-Saint-Exupéry, B16
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Igor Vandyck

Aero services


Aero Services is a company who takes charge of different varied services related to aviation such as aircraft external cleaning, plane de-icing but also horse boxes cleaning.

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Building 52

Rue de l'aéroport, B52
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Philippe Paraskeva


Within the Liege Airport’s Border Inspection Post (BIP), the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) is the competent authority for the control of animals and plants imported into the European Union from third countries.

Contact details
Bâtiment 48

Rue de l'Aéroport B48
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Jean-Paul Denuit

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