The Liege Airport community

With the development of Liege Airport, a real community has emerged. Bringing together all the links of the airport chain – airlines, handlers, freight forwarders, road transporters etc. – this community of companies offers the best solutions to transport professionals as well as to all economic players in the region.

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Logistics Service Providers

Adelantex has en extended international consolidator experience and operates by air, sea and/or road transport. It is specialized in perishable goods sensitive to temperature changes as well as in products requiring special caution. The company is backed up by an experimented and implicated staff that makes sure your products receive the special attention they require.


Contact details
Building 16

Rue Saint-Saint-Exupéry, B16
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Igor Vandyck

Aero services


Aero Services is a company who takes charge of different varied services related to aviation such as aircraft external cleaning, plane de-icing but also horse boxes cleaning.

Contact details
Building 52

Rue de l'aéroport, B52
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Philippe Paraskeva


Logistics Service Providers

Aviaflex are cargo supervisors for the aeronautic industry. They supervise high valuable & time sensitive cargoes whether it is a single shipment or a full charter flight. Aviaflex is a cargo butlers that will keep you informed throughout the supervision.

The company’s goal is to add ease and convenience to your shipments.

Contact details
Building 17

Rue Saint-Exupéry, B17
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Viktoriya Rudkova

CAL Cargo Air Lines


Cargo airline based in Tel-Aviv, CAL operates flights that ships all kinds of goods such as perishables, over sized, dangerous or pharmaceuticals towards Europe and the rest of the world.

Contact details
Building 76

Rue de l'aéroport, B76
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Itay Shariker

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