Air Cargo Excellence Forum - 2017/12/04 LIEGE AIRPORT - Call for papers

December 4th 2017, Liege Airport will host a forum and networking event focussed on sharing best practices and defining common objectives to achieve excellence in air cargo. This event will be concluded by the celebration of 20 years of collaboration between the airport and Cargo Airlines (CAL).

Liege Airport is well known by air cargo professionals as a pioneer and leading player in the sector. But achieving success and excellence is a joint venture with the whole air cargo community. As Luc Partoune, CEO of Liege Airport, says : “Quality and efficiency of service is a matter of objectives, means and most of all, the commitment of all players. When speaking of a high value and very specialized service like Air Cargo, what matters first is the shared view, in a global and a local sense, and joint involvement of the stakeholders to deliver the best quality products and meet shippers’ and customers’ expectations”.

This forum aims to gather high level testimonials, research and visions of the key aspects of excellence in air cargo. A series of talks will be organised with the participation of world-leading specialists. A call for papers and presentations is being launched on the following themes:

– Market expectations and needs, from shippers to consumers: understanding and foreseeing what services are expected and required from healthcare and pharma sensitive products to humanitarian logistics, transport of live animals, e-commerce driven solutions, etc.

– The keys to achieving excellence: raising service levels through innovation, technological breakthroughs, airlines’ norms and vision for the future, dedicated infrastructure, human resources, certifications, etc.

– The Air Cargo Community: local and global partnerships, network of excellence, training and certification.

The event will be live streamed online and proceedings will be published in a “White paper on excellence in air cargo”.

For further information and/or article submission, please contact Mr Frederic Heselmans:

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