El Al Cargo and Liege Airport renew their successful partnership in Air Cargo

El Al Cargo and Liege Airport have agreed to extend for another 3 years their partnership concerning the transport between the USA and Israel via Liege. Since 2008, Liege Airport has been serving as El Al Cargo’s European cargo hub for exports to Europe and the U.S. as well as for imports. Thanks to a stable trade between Israel, Europe and the U.S., this partnership was very successful. The combination of operational excellence of El Al Cargo and the state-of- the-art cargo facilities and services at Liege Airport indeed allowed a strong growth of the activities. Both partners are looking forward to working together and expect traffic to continue to keep growing robustly in 2017 and beyond.

Precisions by Ronen Spira, VP Cargo of El Al Cargo “We are more than satisfied with the services we receive in LIEGE AIRPORT. The great flexibility and the customized management offered at LIEGE AIRPORT always lead to a perfect coordination of our operations. Another strong advantage for us is the 24/7 opening hours for aircraft operations. All those assets explain why we extend our partnership for 3 more years.

Further testimonial by Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial of Liege Airport: “LIEGE AIRPORT is very proud to be the European hub for El Al Cargo. The extension of the cooperation is a proof of both the successful operations today and the confidence in the future. LIEGE AIRPORT will continue to deliver seamless operations and commercial support to El Al and all their partners”.

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